Persian Cats Available for Adoption

I can’t keep all these wonderful pets, but I would love too.  The next best thing is finding a new owner like you, that has a bed to sleep on and a soft voice. These pets are looking for their “Forever Home.”

All adoptions must go to homes that are responsible.  I prefer that the owners ages are over 21 and own a home.  Please fill out the application form on this website.  Thank you.

Alana, Golden Female $250.

Alana is a joy.  She is now three years old and although she seems to be in prepetual heat, she appears to be sterile.  She's a large girl, very solid and very healthy.  It's up to you if you want to spay, she's been running with boys and nothing.  She's one of those kitties you hate to part with. She's clean, uses her litter box and is a people kitty.  I always believed that a pet home is better than what I can offer because they will have all the attention.  Goldens are very rare, they are the recessive of silver.

Sam Rescue Longhair $50.

Sam was rescued by us as an older kitten when we found out his owner who was allergic to cats was keeping him outside in a shed.  Without our intervention, Sam would be dead by now.  A very fat cat that loves to lay around.  Sam is neutered.  He's about 4 years of age, FeLV negative.  Inside cat only.

Kitties in their Golden Years FREE

These kitties are available to responsible homes with approved application.  If you don't have the funds to support a delicate kitty, don't apply

Young special needs kitties are available at at reduced cost.  Contact and we'll discuss.

Cats and Kittens are Indoor kitties only.  If you allow strays in your house, these kitties are not for you.

Sandy, Bicolor Female $250.

Sandy is a young girl, but again it appears that she is meant not to have kittens.  She's  2 1/2 years old and never cycled.  Her father is one of my favorite personalitied white males.  She's calm and has a dominant hard coat.  For a Persian, her maintenance is very low.  Her coat doesn't have a lot of length or thickness and her eyes don't weep.  Clean, litter boxed trained and a real sweetie.