Available for Adoption

I can’t keep all these wonderful pets, but I would love too.  The next best thing is finding a new owner like you, that has a bed to sleep on and a soft voice. These pets are looking for their “Forever Home.”

All adoptions must go to homes that are responsible.  I prefer that the owners ages are over 21 and own a home.  Please fill out the application form on this website.  Thank you.

Alana, Golden Female $600.

Alana is a joy.  She is now three years old and although she seems to be in prepetual heat, she appears to be sterile.  She's a large girl, very solid and very healthy.  It's up to you if you want to spay, she's been running with boys and nothing.  She's one of those kitties you hate to part with. She's clean, uses her litter box and is a people kitty.  I always believed that a pet home is better than what I can offer because they will have all the attention.  Goldens are very rare, they are the recessive of silver.

Sandy, Calico and White Bicolor Female $600.

Sandy is a young girl, but again it appears that she is meant not to have kittens.  She's  2 1/2 years old and never cycled.  Her father is one of my favorite personalitied white males.  She's calm and has a dominant hard coat.  For a Persian, her maintenance is very low.  Her coat doesn't have a lot of length or thickness and her eyes don't weep.  Clean, litter boxed trained and a real sweetie.

CFA Champion Marilyn Monroe Golden Female $400.

CFA Champion Marilyn Monroe is one of my foundation girls.  She's a small Golden and has the most intense blue green eyes that she has stamped on her off spring.  She is now older, finished breeding and wants a lap to cuddle up on.  She is done cycling.  All Goldens have a thick undercoat and require lots of combing, she is not exception.  I keep most of my kitties in lion cuts. They are happier without  all the fluff and so am I.

Joey a white Persian male $100.

Joey is one of my favorite kitties.  He does have an inner ear injury and will carry his head to a tilt.  Very gentle male.  Inside cat only.

Sam Rescue Longhair $100.

Sam was rescued by us as an older kitten when we found out his owner who was allergic to cats was keeping him outside in a shed.  Without our intervention, Sam would be dead by now.  A very fat cat that loves to lay around.  Sam is neutered.  He's about 4 years of age, FeLV negative.  Inside cat only.

Available Soon!!!!! See List.

You are welcome to fill out the application form on this website.   Kitties will be pictured and placed during the summer.

CFA  Champion: Golden female Persian  Marilyn Monroe  Pictured

CFA Golden female Persian  Alana  Pictured

CFA Calico and White female Persian  Sandy  Pictured

CFA Shaded Silver female Persian  Coco







Teacup Shaded Silver Female $500.

Cutie Pie was born 9/19/2012.  She has the tiniest little nose and big, big eyes.  If you like the look of a show cat, you will have that look in Cutie Pie to grace your home.  This is a small cat and because of her small size, it is not conducive for her to be a mom.  She requires spaying.  At this time Cutie Pie has been up to date with her shots, eats Royal Canine and raw meat.  She's a very sweet cat and had a ton of coat before I took my razor to her. All adopted kitties come with a one year health guarantee.

Shelby Male Poodle $600.

AKC Arja Camara Wish Upon a Star or better known as Shelby.  Bright white, AKC registered as a Toy Poodle, however I would classify him as a small Miniature.  Shelby is an athlete.  He would love to do agility and is highly intelligent, attentive.  Healthy, progressive retina atrophy negative (never to develop cataracts), loves people and other dogs.  Vaccinations up to date.  All adoption dogs are available with a one year health guarantee.

Electra Female Teacup Poodle $500.

Electra is a pocket full of energy.  She will need teeth care and to be spayed.  Price negotiable if vet care is done at your choice vet.  She's 7 years old.  Her mother turned 20 years old in April.  Lots of time left to enjoy a good dog.  She is available in December.

Charlie cream male Persian ADOPTED

Charlie also came to us as a rescue.  I volunteered at Keller Animal Shelter grooming long haired cats that were surrendered.  Charlie came in anemic from fleas.  He's a solid bodied boy, neutered and happy to lay around.  FeLV negative.  Inside cat only.

ADOPTED Little Wink, Blind in one eye male kitten

Reserved for Hallie!!!  Wink was born with an eye problem that developed before birth that took his sight from the one eye.  He has never known the difference and is more active, playful and cuddily than most kittens.  He is available to a special caring home and I promise he will light up your life.  He is a shaded silver boy. 

Vanier's Jojo ADOPTED

JoJo is a large Persian/British Shorthair mix male.  He is the son of Bleu, my male Persian.  Bleu was entertaining a visiting British Shorthair and JoJo was the rest of the story.  JoJo was born in 2011.  He loves attention and still tries to nurse my hand.  He likes to perch at higher elevations like his British Shorthair mother.  He has been vet checked, neutered and vaccinated.  JoJo uses the litter box and is a clean cat.  Why go through public adoption when you know this boys history.

Retired Show Persian Female (Adopted)

Sugar, a solid white, incredibly sweet, flat faced Persian will be available for a pet home.  She is very needy and talkative.  This is the kitty that you've always wanted.  Sadly, she was spayed after complications during birth and losing her litter of kittens.  She will be ready to go into her new home at the end of August.   Up to date vaccinations.    Credit accepted through Pay Pal account on website.  BUY HER TODAY AND PAY FOR HER OVER TIME.  PAY PAL CREDIT - NO INTEREST IF PAID IN FULL IN 6 MONTHS ON NEW PURCHASES,