Persian Kittens for sale

AVAILABLE Vanier Shaded Silver Female $1,500.

Ready for Pick Up.  This small Shaded Silver kitty will develop expressive eyes as she growns up, she has eye liner and a dark nose that's typical of the silvers.  Very calm.  Vaccinated, Durant Animal Hospital - Veterinarian Letter of Health.  Two Year Health Guarantee.   Pick up in Argyle, TX preferred.

ON HOLD Vanier Black and White Persian Male $1,500.

  BORN 4/1/20.  It looks like he could end up being a black smoke and white, very pretty.

ON HOLD Vanier Black and White Persian Male $1,500.

BORN 4/1/20.   ON HOLD for pick up.   One of two brothers.

ON HOLD Vanier Golden Male $1,200.

ON HOLD for Veena.  Born 2/1/20.  This boy is a real treat.  Loves attention and climbing up my leg to get to my lap.  Wearing shorts and when he's bigger that could be an ouch!  Taking reservations with pick up May 13, 2020.  Pick up in Argyle, TX preferred.

ON HOLD Vanier Teacup Odd Eyed White Persian Male $2,500.

A Special llittle boy, bright white with one sapphire eye and one copper eye, so exotic and rare.  Hee was born 9/12/2019.  Responsible Adults Only.  

SOLD Golden Tabby Female

Born 2/1/20.  This gal is a go'er and a shaker.  She's ready to be where the action is.  Born as a single kitten to her mother, she's been spoiled with love and attention and has eaten well.  She is built like a male.  Reservations being accepted on this kitten with April 30, 2020 placement.  Pickup in Argyle, TX preferred.

SOLD Vanier Silver Female

Born 2/3/20.  Cute, cute, cute as a button.  This gal will have the special dainty look silvers are know for.  She will have emerald colored eyes, black eye liner and nose.  A real Diva!  Accepting reservations on this darling.  Pick up 4/30/20.  Pick up in Argyle, TX preferred.

SOLD Vanier's A Star is Born

Born 9/12/19.   Incredibly loving girl and what a deal for somebody.  She has been vet checked, full vaccinated and ready to leave for her new home.  Pick up in Argyle, TX.  Deposit will hold if you choose to pick up April 30th.

SOLD Vanier White Persian Female

SOLD Vanier Golden Male $1,800.

Golden Persian male, a stunning colored kitty that as he matures will have emerald colored eyes contrasting against his coat.  Available between 8 - 10 weeks of age.  Taking reservations for April placement.

SOLD Vanier Blue and White Teacup Female

 Cute little blue and white bicolor girl.  Available to leave for her new home in December.  Adults only, no children.

SOLD Odd Eyed Vanier's White Female

Birthdate  3/20/2019.  This girl has two different colored eyes; a green eye and the other a blue eye.  Two different colored eyes is rare.  She's also sporting a lion cut.  Kitten is vet checked, vaccinated, 2 year guarantee.  Pay Pal Credit Available, 6 months 0% financing.  Pick up in Argyle.

SOLD Vanier's White Ellie Mae

Kitten was born 3/20/2019.  Vet checked, vaccinated, 2 year guarantee.  This kitty is available for pickup in Argyle only.  Incredibly loveable!!!  Pay Pal fee is not included.

SOLD Vanier's Copper Eyed White Male $1,500.

SOLD.  Born 8/15/2019.    Very sweet.  Ready to go in December.

SOLD Vanier Golden Tabby

Birthdate:  6/25/19.  He loves to play.  He'll be a smaller Persian.   Lots of coat coming in on this beauty.

SOLD Vanier Golden Persian Male

SOLD  Golden skies:   Born 8/17/2019.  What a loveable boy,  Small in stature, but big in heart.  Those paws are always going making cookies.  He'll be looking for you and can find his way on to the bed without a lift.  He likes his people.

SOLD Vanier Golden Female


Born September, 10, 2019.  Just a chunk, not missing too many meals.  Ready to go in December.


SOLD Vanier's Silver Bell

RESERVED for Raven.  Teacup sized.  Born September, 12, 2019.  Ready to leave in December.

SOLD Vanier's Silver Lining.

Vanier's Silver Lining is a silver tabby with the darkest copper eyes.  She's a standard sized Persian, very cuddily.  

Vanier White Female SOLD.

SOLD  Birthdate 03/20/2019.  A sister also is sporting two colored eyes, a blue eye and the other eye green.  Very rare indeed.  Vet checked, vaccinated, 2 year guarantee.  Pay Pal Credit, 6 months 0% financing.  This kitty is available for pickup in Argyle only.  Pay Pal fee is not included.

Vanier Solid White Males and Females

More kittens available summer, 2019.   Eye color will vary and so will the pricing.  Prices vary.  If the kittens have  Blue eyes $2,500.

Vanier Silver Tabby Male SOLD

Beautiful, extreme silver tabby male.  Available the end of February.  Accepting reservations.  No breeding rights.

Vanier Copper Eyed White Male SOLD

Birthdate 3/20/2019.  Vet checked, vaccinated, 2 year guarantee.  This kitty is available for pickup only in Argyle.  Pay Pal fee is not included.

Vanier Golden Tabby Female SOLD

Birthdate 3/20/2019.  Available  in June.  This gal is really putting on weight for her age.  She's a pretty golden tabby with copper eyes.  Tabby Persians have great personalities and oh, so pretty.  Great, hard coat.

Vanier Odd Eyed White SOLD

Odd eyed white kitties are very rare.  If it's always been your dream to own that special kitty, now is your chance.  He's young, ready to go to that special Valentine.

Vanier Calico SOLD

Born 3/01/2019  Pay Pal Credit financing available, 6 months 0% interest.

Interesting fact:  Calico's are females.  In rare cases, if a male calico is born it will be sterile.

Persian Kittens Available Soon

 Persian kittens are available in solid color White, Red, Golden Tabby, Shaded Silver, Teacups, Doll Faced and Flat Faced.  Fill out the application for the next breeding season.


Vanier Silver Male SOLD

A very typey male.  He'll have the big round head, big eyes and nose centered.  If you like the look of a show kitty, here's your chance.  He'll be available the end of January.  Sold as a pet, no breeding rights.

Vanier Golden Tabby SOLD

Vanier Persians has a cute Golden boy.   He is still on his mother and will be available Mid-February.  Reservations being accepted.

Vanier Teacup White Female SOLD

Born July 25, 2017.  Adorable and small, white girl with the biggest copper eyes.  Available in November.

Vanier Golden Tabby Male SOLD

Born April 5, 2017  How cute is that?

Vanier Golden Persian Female SOLD

Female Golden kitten.  Vivid green eyes, black tipping, and eye liner.  Lots of color and charisma in these beauties.  This kitten has a loving personality and wants to be with her people.  Kittens are hand fed with formula through out the day and will be very dependent on you for affection in their new home.  PAY PAL available through Procedures on website; credit, debit or financing available through Pay Pal. 

Vanier Teacup Persian SOLD

Yes, I am a cat.  I was born December 24, 2015.  I am pictured at 6 weeks.