Pekingese Puppies for Sale in Texas, White Pekingese Puppies for Sale in Texas

Pekingese are small dogs of Chinese origin.  Pekingese get their name from the ancient city of Peking, now called Beijing.  The Pekingese was considered sacred in ancient China and could only be owned by royalty.  At that time, the punishment for stealing a Pekingese was death.  The Pekingese came to Europe as a result of war.  When the British overtook the Chinese Imperial Palace in 1860, they returned home with several of the dogs.  AKC recognized the breed in 1906.

The Pekingese were originally considered watchdogs.  They are independent, intelligent and good natured.  Their inactivity makes them suitable for apartment life as they lay around the home like their royal ancestors.  AKC accepts all coat colors.  Eyes are to be large, very dark, and not bulging.  A Pekingese, however, is disqualified according to the AKC standard if it weighs over 14 pounds.

AKC Vanier Pekingese are healthy, have a wonderful temperament and good type.  The Vanier Pekingese breeding program is comprised of solid white and the traditional masked variety.   Though the other more traditional colors of sable and reds are seen with the Pekingese in the show hall, the white is becoming more readily accepted.  Vanier Pekingese are loving dogs, produced from sound AKC show pedigrees.  I am a member of the Pekingese Club of Texas and served as a judge for a Sanctioned B Specialty Match for Pekingese.  I have been voted in as a Board of Directors and Breeder Referral.

All pet quality Pekingese puppies are sold with a neuter/spay contract.  I do not sell Pekingese puppies intact with the purpose of breeding.

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